The Land Collective CIC

The Land Collective CIC

For a sector that impacts our day-to-day lives so strongly, the built environment is still considered by many to be a ‘secret’ and ‘misunderstood’ sector. With negative stereotypes and misconceptions about the sector still rife at an early age and concerns in the sector surrounding diversity and inclusion, we are an organisation that wants to help move things forward, by breaking down barriers to entry and demystifying the built environment for young people from underrepresented backgrounds.

An industry that is diverse and accessible all around, without the need for familial connections. We want the workings of the industry to be taught widely and considered in high regard.

Following research carried out by The Land Collective in 2019, 84% of young people (16-25) were not aware of the range of career opportunities across the industry and a further 91% of 16-18 year olds from state schools have never come into contact with built environment professionals at school or college via careers services.

To ensure that young people, no matter their background, can learn about and enter the built environment sector for career opportunities without the need for personal connections.

To combat these issues surrounding diversity, inclusion, social mobility and awareness, our organisation creates free, accessible, enriching content, employability programmes and events focusing on the built environment industry.

Whether you’re an employer in the property or built environment sector, school/college, or interested in volunteering, find out how you can support young talent:

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