The Talent Tap

The Talent Tap

The Talent Tap formula is simple: Over a sustained period we provide young people from low socio economic backgrounds city based (London and Manchester) work experience, networking opportunities, and workplace knowledge, giving them the proven tools, support and capital to achieve their potential. We enable them to compete on a level playing field with their more privileged peers – allowing the best possible chance of a securing the graduate employment and future they deserve.

“Coming from a state school which was not very high performing means that I would not have access to the huge network of contacts offered by The Talent Tap. Also, I would not be able to afford to travel to London to take part in the residential programme” – Talent Tap student

“Without The Talent Tap, I would not have been able to focus my career aspirations quickly enough to look for relevant work experience. I would also not have met all the brilliant people who have offered me jobs and insights into their companies” – Job offer from RailPen Investments

“I wouldn’t have studied the course I loved, and definitely wouldn’t be in my current role with startup Brytlyt without The Talent Tap. Other than the tangible impacts, I have massively improved my confidence and attitude towards the working world – Job Offers, GE Healthcare and Brytlyt

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Social mobility is about the link between our starting point in life, and where we end up.


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