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Additional guidance and resources

This is not an exhaustive list, but a few places to start if you are looking for additional guidance and support.

Resources for employers and training providers

National Apprenticeship Service’s employer guides

National Apprenticeship Service’s training provider finder

National Apprenticeship Service’s end point assessment finder

Education and Skills Funding Agency’s apprenticeship statistics, which can be broken down by participation, starts, achievement, level, geography and different characteristics

Post vacancies on the governments’ Find An Apprenticeship website

Amazing Apprenticeships’ Genie programme (Genuine Interest in Equality) is a 12-month executive support programme that empowers and resources apprenticeship professionals to create genuine socio-economic diversity and inclusion within their apprenticeships

The Sutton Trust (2020) Social Mobility in the workplace: An employer’s guide

Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (2021)
Raising the standards: the apprentice guide to quality apprenticeships

Embracing Future Potential have lots of resources for employers relating employing apprentices and inclusion

The BAME Apprenticeship Alliance convenes conversations between leaders in business and education focused on promoting apprenticeships in BAME communities

West & North Yorkshire Learning Providers’ practice-focused blog, The Provider Insider, features interviews with current and former apprentices, training providers and apprenticeship specialists on a range of topics

Apprentice networks (by and for apprentices):
– BAME Apprentice Network –
– Disabled Apprentice Network –
– Apprentice Nation –
– Association of Apprentices –
– Young Apprenticeship Ambassadors Network (YAAN) –
– National Society of Apprentices –
– Multiverse –

Resources for employers and training providers

Education and Skills Funding Agency’s parents’ guide to apprenticeships

Amazing Apprenticeship’s parents’ and carers’ packs

Education and Skills Funding Agency’s teachers’ handbook for 16-19 year olds

Amazing Apprenticeship’s resources for teachers and careers advisers


BAME Apprentice Network (2021) Employers Guide to Ramadan

Mencap (2020) Apprenticeships for people with a learning disability

Disability Rights UK (2020) Get Ahead Magazine Issue 2: Inclusive apprenticeships, traineeships and supported internships

unionlearn (2020) LGBT+ inclusive apprenticeships: A resource for union negotiators and reps

National Apprenticeship Service (2019) Championing diversity in apprenticeships

unionlearn (2018) Supporting Black and minority ethnic apprentices: A resource for union negotiators and reps

unionlearn (2018) Tackling apprenticeship gender inequality

National Autistic Society (2017) Autism-friendly apprenticeships (National Autistic Society, 2017)

unionlearn (2017) Accessible apprenticeships: A TUC guide for trade union activists on bargaining for accessible Apprenticeships for disabled workers

Disability Rights UK (2017) Into Apprenticeships: The guide for disabled people

Learning and Work Institute (date unknown) Supporting care leavers into apprenticeships

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