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All the latest webinars, virtual masterclasses, conferences, events and more, to enrich your understanding of social mobility in the workplace and wider society.

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16 September 2021

Employers Masterclass: Social mobility, hiring and recruitment

Our latest masterclass puts the focus on hiring and recruitment – exploring the common practices that can create artificial and unnecessary barriers to potential applicants from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Join the session to understand the simple steps that you can take to promote diversity at each stage of the recruitment process. From writing clear job […]

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11 October 2021

Be inspired to make the change – Socio-economic inclusion in the Creative Industries

11 October 2021  - 13:00 - 14:00
1 hour webinar

Attracting and retaining a wide and diverse talent pool is a must for any forward-thinking team.  Yet those from privileged backgrounds are more than twice as likely as those from working class backgrounds to land a job in a creative occupation, dominating key creative roles in the sector.   What goes on in the creative sector […]

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External event

12 October 2021

Driving social mobility change in the profession: social mobility data – what to ask, how to get good return rates, and how to analyse

12 October 2021  - 2-3pm

Please note: this is an external event run by the Law Society. The Law Society is committed to increasing diversity at all levels within the profession. The diversity profile of the profession is changing. Women make up 52% of those admitted. Ethnic minority solicitors comprise 18% of the profession. LGBT+ and disabled solicitors account for […]

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14 October 2021

Apprenticeships and social mobility: a practice-oriented virtual lunch conversation between practitioners

14 October 2021  - 1-2pm

Apprenticeships are one of the most powerful tools to enable social mobility and develop a talented workforce that can meet the challenges of the future.  But apprenticeships in England are not fulfilling this promise – apprentices from working class backgrounds face barriers at every stage, while organisations are missing out on talented people. The pandemic […]

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21 October 2021

Employers’ masterclass: Social Mobility and outreach

21 October 2021  - 13:00
1 hour webinar

Our October masterclass will cover how employers can use Outreach to reach and attract a wide pool of talent. Engaging with candidates from a low socio-economic background through outreach enables you to: raise awareness of your organisation and industry to a wider reach of prospective employees. build a pipeline of diverse talent that reflect the […]

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Recap: Employers Masterclass – Social mobility, hiring and recruitment

In our latest masterclass (16 September), we put the focus on hiring and recruitment – exploring the common practices that can create artificial and unnecessary barriers to potential applicants from lower socio-economic backgrounds. We were delighted to be joined by Danny Matthews and Hazel Remeika from Co-op, who shared their approach to hiring in a […]

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Are you committed to building an workplace culture that is inclusive of employees from a low #socioeconomicbackground (SEB)?

Make sure you’re having open & honest discussions with employees about your plans and what it means to be from a low socio-economic background – including the additional barriers that low SEB employees face in the workplace.

Launched today, our new resource pack is designed to support internal discussions about socio-economic background in organisations at any stage in their social mobility journey.

Download the toolkit and start the conversation:

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