Causeway Education

Causeway Education

We exist to make sure that progression is not determined by privilege.

We do this by supporting young people to overcome barriers in accessing higher education, apprenticeship and career opportunities.

Our team of experienced strategists, practitioners and researchers know that with the right support in exploration, choices and applications, all young people can find and realise their ambition.

In our unequal society, some young people face far greater challenges than others in accessing higher education and career opportunities. Dedicated teachers, advisors and outreach professionals work tirelessly on redressing these inequalities. We are there for all those confronting these barriers, helping to bring about positive change through our offer of expert support, transformational outreach and outstanding application and progression advice. We partner with multiple corporate and 3rd sector organisations to deliver outreach that is evidence led, practical, collaborative and ultimately, high-quality.

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Secondment opportunity

The Social Mobility Commission is looking to appoint two secondees to join our dynamic secretariat on a 3-month secondment.  The Social Mobility Commission is an advisory arms-length body which is sponsored by the Cabinet Office. The Social Mobility Commission exists to create a United Kingdom where an individual’s future isn’t determined by the circumstances of […]

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Employers play a key role in #socialmobility outcomes for many.

They determine where they set up their business, the types of job roles they create, and how and who they recruit; the income set by employers impacts living standards, pension contributions, as well as spending power in their local economy; they also play an important role in the health and wellbeing of employees.

However, with each part of the UK having an individual identity, history and economy, impacting its local population and their opportunities, the challenges to social mobility, and the solutions, may differ from region to region.

That’s where we think the use of our new #Data Explorer tool can help – join us at this event on 7 June at 12pm for employers to find out how you can utilise our new tool to understand your workforce distribution; provide insight for outreach activity and hiring activity; and to serve and support regional communities.

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